October 24, 2010

Typography 3

I've choosen to take a Graphic Design Course, Typography 3 with Brockett Horne. She is the Co-Chair of the Graphic Design Department, very young, very motivated and one of the best organized and nicest teachers I've ever had! The class is fun but very time consuming, sometimes it's difficult to stay equally motivated.
But nevertheless, here some examples of my work:

First assignment
"Create a 3d version of any letter that can be made of any material. The letterform must be at least 30 inches in one direction, and no dimension should be smaller than eight inches.
Photograph it in five different contexts."

Mine is built out of wood.

With these pictures we created a book- or DVD-cover.

the finished covers of the whole class are on flickr


In one of the very first classes of my Illustration Class with Frank Stockton, he gave us a text about a beast to illustrate in three hours.

These cannibalistic forest spirits live in the upper Amazon and are called BORARO ("the white ones") by the Tukano Indians. BORARO are huge, hairy-chested demons with long legs and enormous phalli. Their pale skin makes them easily recognizable in the Amazon forest, but certainly even more distinctive are their forward-pointing ears and backward-pointing feet. If the spirit is seen with a stone hoe, travelers beware–the BORARO is on the hunt. If attacked, the best defense is to knock the BORARO over; since they have no knee joints, they are slow to stand upright, which gives their prey ample time to run.

and the final piece

Finally –

Finally I have a blog.
Now you all can see what I am doing at the moment! I will post all the things I am working on for my classes at MICA but also show you some pictures of my many adventures in Baltimore –and so far New York.
Here at MICA we already passed Midterms that's why I have many many things to upload. I will try to do that the next couple of weeks. Enjoy!

October 19, 2010


Super Dooper Test. Testing testing and more testing.