October 24, 2010

Typography 3

I've choosen to take a Graphic Design Course, Typography 3 with Brockett Horne. She is the Co-Chair of the Graphic Design Department, very young, very motivated and one of the best organized and nicest teachers I've ever had! The class is fun but very time consuming, sometimes it's difficult to stay equally motivated.
But nevertheless, here some examples of my work:

First assignment
"Create a 3d version of any letter that can be made of any material. The letterform must be at least 30 inches in one direction, and no dimension should be smaller than eight inches.
Photograph it in five different contexts."

Mine is built out of wood.

With these pictures we created a book- or DVD-cover.

the finished covers of the whole class are on flickr

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universalmax said...

Yeah I love it. Being outside and crafting something u can touch.
Looks like youre having fun over there.