October 24, 2010


In one of the very first classes of my Illustration Class with Frank Stockton, he gave us a text about a beast to illustrate in three hours.

These cannibalistic forest spirits live in the upper Amazon and are called BORARO ("the white ones") by the Tukano Indians. BORARO are huge, hairy-chested demons with long legs and enormous phalli. Their pale skin makes them easily recognizable in the Amazon forest, but certainly even more distinctive are their forward-pointing ears and backward-pointing feet. If the spirit is seen with a stone hoe, travelers beware–the BORARO is on the hunt. If attacked, the best defense is to knock the BORARO over; since they have no knee joints, they are slow to stand upright, which gives their prey ample time to run.

and the final piece

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nachodoodles said...

Great drawings, it's nice to see some more sketches from you!
I love the leftmost sketch on the first page because it's scary and hilarious at the same time. I wonder how this poor fellow can have any kind of success as a hunter. You'd think his impressive dick would get in the way, but maybe it's not an issue when you don't have knee joints. :D

Loving this, can't wait to see more.